Who run the world- girls! We know that’s a cliché line but isn’t it true? Don’t we run the world? We do! We run the world by running our homes. They say the house get a homely feeling by the presence of a woman and we here aim to make your cottage, a warm home! HERCOTTAGE is your cottage, and we here at hercottage.com aim to reach out to all the possibilities you might need as a woman to grow and groom. Creativity, home décor, food or parenting, we have it all stacked in here for you! Check the details about our categories in the Know More About Our Categories Tab.

A woman’s life revolves around many aspects. Her priorities change as she grows up.  One of the crucial parts of a woman’s life is motherhood. And yes, it is very serious business when you decide to give birth to a new life.  knowing from the pre-maternity to postpartum, we have several topics for you. But that’s not all, your love life is equally important to us, so we have curated some amazing topics that you would love to read.

What’s Our Aim At Hercottage?

Well, we believe in women’s empowerment. Providing tools to women to grow in their day to day activity is our aim. But hey, let’s do it in a fun way. We have some interesting articles on some of the major discussed topics. And we don’t stop there! We believe in quality over anything else. Therefore, our content creation team has a thorough study of what we have published here. These experts study the topics in and out and provide you with the best in class information about it.

It doesn’t end here, we love doing our job the creative way, so the articles give you a feel of fun and information hand in hand. Having said that, we are also very particular about the content that we publish. We make sure that it is not plagiarized.

With this, we also honor the time and effort our writers put in to write an article (believe us, it’s a difficult task creating unique content) and as strict we are with them regarding the plagiarism policy, we are very particularly stern about people stealing content from our site. So please enjoy reading it and gaining information from it, but no copying!

How Many Articles Will You See Each Month?

As we already said, we believe quality over anything else. Hence, we seek quality over quantity. Therefore, you won’t see an article published each day. We publish approximately 15-20 articles in a month. These vary in categories and at times, the number of articles may increase or decrease.

How Do We Monetize?

We have a dedicated team that works day in and out to make sure you receive unique and interesting content. Well, their efforts need to be paid with appreciation and money because at the end of the day, money is the necessity. We generate this money through paid links, sponsored posts, advertisements and paid product reviews.  We will be glad if you would like to associate with us. We are happy to help by publishing any sponsored post or sponsor backlink to any of the published articles. Please visit the contact us page to reach out to us through mails.

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Do We Sell Products? Ahhgg We Wish!

We regret to disappoint on this one. even though we promote much of the stuff, we don’t sell any. That’s all we can say for now. But hey, the future is an open opportunity, isn’t it? for now, we don’t sell any products that we show on our page, but you may never know what the future holds. Does this mean that you are on your own to get stuff published on our page? Well, you may contact us if you want to have some suggestions and valid links for the products published here. We would love to be at your service.

Site Map | Categories

Hercottage is all about women! Therefore, we love to explore various aspects of being a woman. This led us to a few of the most searched topics that women are interested into. Hercottage focuses on four broad categories

  • Art + Craft
  • Décor + Interior
  • Gardening+ Kitchen
  • Life+ Relationship

These categories have more subcategories that make you explore deeper dimensions of it. let us give you a quick tour of it


Having a hobby is a crucial habit that you must inculcate. Why? Because it helps you cope up with life’s downs. Building creative hobbies from a tender age help you have the best benefit from it. for example drawing and painting. Your body gets into the habit of releasing dopamine while you do this task.

Now the art and craft section here includes 3 categories that are

  • DIY Projects – This category includes a variety of topics in which you will get instructions and images that are DIY i.e. do it yourself! Having DIY images with some information about it really helps in making the crafts. So here we collect almost all images that will help you make the craft easily. We aim at crafts that are easy to do so the projects here will not only excite your hunger for creativity but also can be used to sell, as your kid’s school craft project or something that you can use has little pieces of your home décor.
  • Paintings+ Illustration – Do you have a craving for the smell of new paints? Are you someone who can portray their feeling more by painting than expressing it in words? Or are you just keen to have started your journey to new paths in the world of painting? Well, this section has it all. From acrylic painting inspirations to watercolor, you will get information about everything you need! We collect some of the best painting inspiration and help you paint from ground zero i.e. from the very basics!
  • Tips + Tricks | Sorting The Chaos Of Life! – Life is a pool of opportunities. Each day is a new opportunity! But, life also brings challenges! But hey, don’t you worry girl, we have some easy tips and tricks to deal with it. here, we don’t just focus on your challenges with life but also some things in general that you can grab knowledge about and explain your loved ones.


HERCOTTAGE – The word itself says her cottage! How could we miss the cottage? Home décor is a massive subject that women deal with. We love having each thing in place and we love making it look classy.

Here we have 3 categories as well

  • Design and Trends – Decorations that you do to your home change with upcoming seasons. oh yes! We keep those seasons in mind and articulate the best in class décor ideas for you. Moreover, you will find some great interior and exterior designs here in the design and tends section.
  • Renovations and Makeovers – Not everything starts from scratch, does it? you wish to have some ideas to repurpose some items to make them useful in your home along with brushing your creativity.  Your search stops at this point as we have some unique ideas here to use or reuse some elements in your home to decorate your house.
  • Shopping and Furnishing – Great ideas on how you can furnish your spaces and interesting ideas on how to shop smartly on budget is right on board here.


The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach! Great food makes great fuel for your body. But hey, haven’t you heard, if it looks tempting to the eyes it feels tasty to your tongue. In this category, we have only one section that is FOOD. Here you will find tasty recipes, some cheat codes, pretention ideas and much more. You will also find some cool garden hacks that will help you grow some basic plants at home.


One of the major factors in a woman’s life is her relationships. She plays various roles in many lives and yes, she is particular about being the best at all she does. This category holds 4 sections

  • Parenting – Being a mother is a full-time job that you don’t get paid for! It requires dedication and selfless love! Often women are curious about knowing everything about everything when it comes to pregnancy (and otherwise as well) therefore we have covered almost everything about your sexual life and parenting in here. We take pride in saying that these are some of the best-researched articles you will get on the internet. We also want to tell you that the information in these articles is purely researched based and therefore the situations and circumstances may vary from person to person. Hence, make sure that you ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR.
  • Quotes and Sayings – We, the women, love to express our feelings in innovative ways. often we use some quotes and saying to make our mark. This section has quotes and sayings on various topics related to your life. the images that we have here are made by us and thus we take it seriously if you use it without permission. To acquire permission to use the image reach out to us at the contact us page and feel free to shoot us an mail with your query.
  • Culture – This section contains articles that are based on any festival or upcoming important occasion. These vary in topics and often fit in some other categories as well so don’t be disappointed if you see some articles here that you see in some other category.
  • Entertainment and Travel – This section is just for fun or for topics that do not fit in our other categories but we feel we must provide you with them. So enjoy them because they are for your entertainment.