Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

With global warming becoming an intensifying cause for concern, and greenhouse gas emissions increasing, it is more important than ever to take action. Despite issues being a global concern, every little helps and so it is important for individual efforts to be made where possible.

A good place to start is at home, where many of us spend a large proportion of our time. Here are some of the ways you can make your home more eco-friendly and lower your carbon footprint:


Many homes, particularly older properties, have old, inefficient boilers. Upgrading your boiler to a newer model or opting for an alternative heating source is an effective way to improve your home’s efficiency. For example, installing solar panels for your home can drastically reduce its carbon footprint whilst also making you considerable savings in the long run.

It is important to note that upgrading your heating in any way often requires a considerable initial investment but later provides both financial and environmental benefits.


Once you have upgraded your heating, it is then equally as important to ensure your home is as well insulated as possible so that the heat is retained, and you can heat your home for shorter periods.

Insulation can take many forms, from homemade draught excluders to professionally installed double-glazing. This can be tailored to your budget and the design of your home.


Moving on from the building structure of your home, you should also take a look at the items inside your house. The appliances that you use at home have a direct impact on your carbon footprint. Unfortunately, many older appliances have a poor energy rating and so it could be beneficial to invest in newer, more efficient versions of your most used appliances such as your fridge and toaster.

When shopping for new appliances, pay close attention to the energy labels to gain more information on the efficiency of that particular model.

Make sure to recycle any appliances you replace where possible.

Smart tech

Utilising smart technology is both an effective and fun way to improve your home’s eco-credentials. There is now more smart tech than ever to pick from to help with reducing your home’s carbon footprint, including smart lighting and smart plugs.

Being able to control your technology from your phone, for example, having your lighting on a timer to ensure it isn’t left on all day when not required, takes some of the effort out of consciously reducing your emissions.

Make sure to think about the type of tech you are likely to utilise to its full potential, don’t invest in anything that is going to go unused after a couple of weeks. Read online reviews and speak with family and friends to gain personal recommendations.