How does Social Media Affect Kids?

With the increasing Internet usage, social media has become a necessity for Internet users. Multiple parents have stated that social media can be dangerous for younger children. It is not only adults that face issues due to social media, as the younger generations are also getting heavily involved.

ExpressVPN’s survey reveals that the average time spent on social media for 13-year-old children is 45 minutes, while some 4-year-olds spend around 21 minutes daily on social media. This means that social media can substantially impact a child’s life from an early age. Even though social media is not completely bad, there have been questions about how much of it is beneficial.

How Can Social Media Impact The Younger Generations?

Younger generations find social media quite intriguing. They can meet new people and explore new things with the help of social media. But this intrigue also makes them unaware that social media is not all sunshine and rainbow. So it is our responsibility to protect the children from any dangers. Children are more susceptible to the negative impacts of social media if they are not educated properly.

The Impact Of Social Media On Kids

Social media can have quite a positive impact on young minds. Social media platforms allow younger generations to bond with their friends and communicate freely. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok also allow children to explore creative content and find new things. Additionally, platforms like Youtube are also beneficial for education purposes.

However, it can not be denied that social media can be dangerous for younger users. Excess usage of the Internet can not only lead children to an Internet addiction but can also cause them to become more closed off. The younger generation is prone to grooming and predatory behaviors as they can be easily manipulated. Parents should also remember that their kids can be exposed to inappropriate content and internet trolls. So they should keep in mind to monitor their child’s online activity regularly.

Ways To Protect Kids On Social Media

It is important to safeguard the younger generation from the negative impacts of social media. Social media platforms are quite necessary for today’s time. But it is also important to educate kids from a younger age to be very cautious while interacting with new people on social media.

Parents should also set up parental controls and safe browsing while using the Internet because one of the most important things is to not isolate children from exploring content online. You should limit the screen time for your children, but you should also try to communicate with them regarding the issue. This way, your children will feel more inclined to open up with you. We must keep in mind that we want the safety of our younger generations. We must not make them feel like they can not approach us in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation.


When it comes to social media access for younger generations, precautions should be taken by guardians. It is only partially functional to ban any social media access for children. However, giving complete and unmonitored social media access to young children can be dangerous for them. This can not only affect them mentally, but it can also make them more prone to predatory attacks.