How to Manage Awkward Spaces in the Home

With the current price of houses on the property market and the cost of living continuing to rise in countries across the globe, many people are choosing to renovate their existing home rather than face the expense of upgrading to a larger property. One of the best ways to create more room in your home is to make use of the awkward spaces that are often overlooked and ignored. These areas have many possible uses that will help to improve your quality of life at home. Check out this handy guide to learn more about how to manage awkward spaces in the home.

Renovate the attic

Renovating the attic is not a simple DIY job – installing drywall and a ceiling, fitting new flooring, and rewiring electricity are all tasks best left to a professional, so it will involve a significant investment. However, this is a valuable area within the home that should not be left unoccupied. If you have children, smaller attic rooms make great secluded bedrooms, or a private den dedicated to playing. Older children and even younger couples can make use of an attic space by having a games room with the latest gadgets and board games.

Use under stairs storage

The cupboard under the stairs is not suitable to be a living space, as we know from Harry Potter, but there are many other ways to make use of it. A common use is to transform it into a small bathroom with toilet and sink to provide guests with an alternative facility to your main bathroom. Alternatively, you could investigate wardrobes for under stairs to create a coat cupboard that is conveniently close to the front door and is big enough to store and conceal bulky winter clothing.

Upgrade corner cupboards

In the kitchen, corner cupboards are incredibly frustrating. Anything that gets stored towards the rear of the cupboard will likely never see daylight until you have your annual spring clean! It is also a nightmare to store pots and pans in these awkwardly angled spaces. However there is a simple fix! Invest in curved pull-out shelving which slots neatly into the cupboard space and allows you to easily access all of the items stored inside – all without any major room renovation. There are also great ways to maximise the space above a corner cupboard such as displaying curved decorations or creating a drinks area with mugs and glasses and attractive bottles.

Create an airing cupboard

You may think that the cupboard where your boiler is stored is doomed to be a wasted space, but with a near-continuous supply of warm air, it is a perfect place for storing linen and towels to keep them warm and dry when not in use. Simply install shelving above or below the boiler and stack your fabrics on top. Bulky bedding such as spare duvets and pillows can also be kept here.