Ways to add an ancient Greece style to your decor

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Sprucing up a home can be a challenge at times, particularly as there are so many routes we can typically go down. When it comes to decor and interiors, an ancient Greek style is rising in popularity in the modern world. In fact, ancient Greek-inspired decor, such as statue art and unique colour patterns, is a fantastic look to incorporate into a home, especially if it’s done well.

We certainly aren’t short on inspiration when it comes to ancient Greece either. From people running marathons and eating traditional Greek cuisine to popular movies like Troy and games that feature immortals from the world of Ancient Greek myth, such as Age of the Gods: Furious-Four, which is a mythology-heavy exploration into Ancient Greece in the shape of an online slot game, there is a wealth of ancient Greece-related content that can help form some intriguing ideas moving forward. On the whole, though, there are some things to keep in mind before diving into your ancient Greece-themed decor plan. Let’s take a look at some designer-approved tips below.

Architectural details worth thinking about

Not everyone wants to create a full-on historic feel to their home and take a journey back through time, but there can be a desire to add a sprinkling of ancient Greece to a house. One sure-fire way of giving you a head-start is through the addition of some Greek-themed architectural details. Of course, this particular option is entirely dependent on how far into your renovation you are, but if you’re in the early stages and you have builders and architects at your disposal, then factoring in a calming blue and some arches can give you an instant dose of ancient Greece. Before your designs are being drawn up and you’ve managed to get quotes from a number of builders, consider the architectural details that could get your ancient Greece feel off to a solid start.

Consider adding some vessel

In order to bring an old-world feel to a modern space, consider adding some vessels to your latest room design. Anything that can bring culture and history together with a modern vibe is a welcome addition to a home in 2022, with these types of vessels capable of housing plants, alongside sitting rather beautifully on bookshelves. They can be utilised in a number of different ways, too. Ultimately, it’s about what looks best in your space.

Bust sculpture, anyone?

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Typically associated with museums and mansions, bust sculptures are more obtainable than you might think. Many popular retailers now sell sculptures of this type, perhaps as a planter or simply as a miniature sculpture to top off a clean room design. Many modern-day creations in this particular category can add a more contemporary look to a home also, particularly if a bust sculpture is brightened up with a flower arrangement alongside it. Shopping around is worth it, though, especially as you’ll learn that bust sculptures aren’t as expensive as you might think.

Columns are great additions

An extremely important feature in Greek architecture, columns can be added fairly easily and can make a humongous difference to your ancient Greece-themed mission. From online stores to local garden centres, columns of this type can help create a Greek style and they don’t need to cost an arm and a leg either. Added to fulfil a sculptural artwork plan or to accompany some pictures or flowers, columns can top off a room and require minimal effort. As with most things, though, it’s worth having a good look around before jumping in with a quick purchase. Columns are a popular addition to many homes in the modern world, leaving you with an array of options as a result.