The Child Care Fee Subsidy: What Is It And How Do You Get It?

For children under the age of 13, child care fee subsidies can assist in covering the costs of authorised camps or leisure programmes and licenced child care. The programmes with a subsidy agreement may offer fee subsidies.

Eligibility for subsidy

Depending on your family’s income and the requirement for child care subsidy, you can apply for a subsidy and know your limits by using options like the Busy Bees Child Care Subsidy Calculator.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You are employed (full-time, part-time, self employed)
  • You are enrolled in a training programme or a school.
  • You have a disabled child or special needs, and the organisations that work with your child offer child care.

Proper tax records

  • You must be regularly filing your income tax and should have enough documentation to prove the same for the last financial year.
  • If proven a defaulter, that would prevent you from claiming a subsidy.

Documents required for Subsidy

One has to upload various documents to claim a subsidy. If they don’t have any documents or want to know the entire process can contact the subsidy care office.

Make sure you file your taxes on time because you will require information from the recent financial year. You can attach the Notice of Assessment, a kind of tax documentation given when you file your taxes.

Your letter of employment, pay stubs, proof of enrollment in school, custody papers, parent and child IDs, residence confirmation, and other paperwork are also required.

How can one know if the Child Care Subsidy applies to them?

Depending on your particular situation, it’s likely that your family qualifies for CCS payments. To qualify for CCS, you have to

  • Be parenting a child younger than 13 and not enrolled in a higher secondary school.
  • Use a reputable childcare facility.
  • Fulfil the criteria for residency and immunisation.

How to Apply for a Subsidy

  • Contact the child care assistance office.
  • All the information will be collected regarding your family to determine whether or not your family is entitled to apply for the subsidy.
  • Identify a childcare space.
  • Find a programme that offers licenced child care, in-home child care, or a permitted recreation programme with a subsidy agreement.
  • The subsidy budget is set, and a waitlist is established.
  • Once a place and start date are confirmed, get in touch with the subsidy office.

You will receive a list of the details required to finish your Subsidy application or verify your eligibility. After you submit all the necessary data, a subsidy worker will schedule a phone appointment with you. After submitting the subsidy application, one can start paying for the child’s care.

How to find out how much child care assistance one can get?

Your eligibility for the child care subsidy is based on three factors:

  • Your family’s total annual income
  • Your acknowledged employment-related activity
  • Your child care expenses

To guarantee that you continue to get the appropriate amount of CCS, you must notify Centrelink if your income and activity vary.


Families can use options like the Busy Bees Child Care Subsidy Calculator to aid with childcare expenses. You pay out of pocket to lower the fees, and the subsidy is sent straight to the early learning provider serving your kid. Depending on your family’s specific circumstances, your out-of-pocket expenses are based on the amount of CCS you are eligible for. If your situation changes, updating your information is crucial to continue getting the most exemplary support, benefits, and treatment.

CCS is a great initiative for someone going through financial troubles to help them take care of their child, and knowing how to claim is of utmost importance.