How much does the composite decking sector contribute to the UK economy

The UK composite decking sector plays a vital role in the UK economy, which consists of a vast array of products, technologies and services. It is part of the UK construction industry. 

The construction industry is currently one of the biggest sectors, contributing £90 billion to the UK economy and approximately 10% of all jobs in the country.

The composite decking sector was predicted to grow astronomically from £ 1.2 billion to £2.2 billion in 2020. If product demand is any indication, this will likely happen eventually. The US still dominates the global decking industry, while the rest of the world is quickly embracing the product. The UK’s composite decking industry is growing as more people become aware of it.

There has been a huge demand for composite decking products in the last five years. This is because people are beginning to see the benefits of composite decking. In the beginning, there was not enough patronage when the products appeared in the market. 

The properties of the composite decking make it a fantastic choice for gardens in the UK. They last a very long time and don’t decay, which is a huge benefit. Composite deck boards are also known for their tensile strength and over twenty years of warranty.

Their low maintenance features have made them the darling of homeowners. This differs from wood decking; Regular maintenance is necessary to keep the wooden decks from getting damaged. The fact that composite decks can be restored to their “like-new” condition with just a quick wash makes them far better than wooden decks. 

If you need a supplier to purchase quality composite decking, try compositewarehouse. They sell deck boards of different aesthetics, tones and colours. All of which are durable and eco-friendly. However, The most popular colour today is grey since it complements the trend in contemporary interior decoration. Grey is a popular interior colour because it is neutral.

Why does the composite deck sector continue to grow?

Cost-effective and low maintenance

Composite decking is known for its cost-effectiveness. This is a major reason for the growth in the demand for the product. Simply put, the cost is worth it because of its tremendous benefits. Essentially, composite boards are low maintenance. 

If you buy a composite board, the cost of maintaining your deck will be low. Although composite decking has a higher initial cost, it won’t incur high expenses trying to keep it in good condition. Maintenance of the wood deck will cost you three times the amount you spent on buying composite decking. For this reason, getting composite boards seems a more sensible option to most owners. 

Beautiful and stylish appearance.

Composite decking can improve the aesthetics of your home, adding elegance and curb appeal. For instance, compositewarehouse decks are available in a wide range of colours and styles. They include black, wood grey, anthracite grey and oak. Most homeowners prefer to add illumination using deck lights to create a stunning focal point in their garden, yard or home exterior. 

Furthermore, composite boards withstand fading. The reason for this is that its outer layer shields it from UV rays. Hence, prevent it from colour loss and fading. Your deck will continue to look new for years to come. 

Composite decking improves property resale value.

Composite decking can boost your home’s resale value. This is the reason for the increase in the product’s demand. Homeowners desire to add elegance and opulence to their homes, and installing composite decking is a fantastic way to achieve that. 

Furthermore, homeowners expect high investment returns whenever they put their property on the market. This is why buying a composite board is an ideal choice. Prospective buyers will find your property gorgeous and attractive and won’t hesitate to buy it at a good rate. 

It is long-lasting

Composite decking has met wide acceptance due to its long-lastingness. It is sturdier and more resilient than wood and plastic decking. As a homeowner, you would desire quality and reliable flooring that will endure for years—no wonder the demand for composite decking is growing. 

Because of its long-lasting quality, lots of homeowners have chosen composite boards for their yards. Even if your outdoor space has heavy foot traffic, it will neither degrade nor compromise its structural integrity. Composite decking material will not decay or rot due to ageing. 


When compared to wood, composite decking has a far longer warranty. Homeowners can be certain that when they install it in their gardens or home exterior, it will continue to look its best for years. Compositewarehouse decks have a warranty period of 10 years. 


This article has shown clearly that the composite decking sector will continue to grow as it puts a smile on the faces of homeowners. There are lots of composite product suppliers that offer customers quality and long-lasting decking boards. They have long warranties that give customers assurance and confidence. A good example is compositewarehouse. 

The UK is quickly rising to the top of the composite decking sector, and we may soon overtake the US. The market for composite decking is growing because of its benefits over timber decking.