Steam Cleaning v/s Carpet Shampooing: Which Is The Best Method To Clean Carpet

Carpet floorings are an important element that improves the look of the house. It gives a luxurious look to the entire place. Dirt, dust, and other pollutants get layered on the carpets, making them look unpleasant. The buck does not stop here; pet hair and other follicles get trapped too. Have you considered cleaning it? If yes, you are certainly aware of the struggle in this process. Carpet cleaning is extremely challenging. No matter how much you dust and vacuum it daily, there will always be some unwanted particles on it. 

Steam Cleaning or Shampooing?

Carpet cleaning can be done either by a professional or by oneself. Expert care makes the task easy. They take all the responsibilities, leaving you stress-free. On the other hand, self-cleaning processes can be tedious. It involves using various techniques and products to aid in carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning can bring challenges like the duration of wash, type of cleaning products, and so on. The selection of cleaners comes with a massive responsibility as any wrong step can spoil the whole carpet. Buying a carpet cleaner from a trusted source can be beneficial. Carpet cleaning products from Steamaster are a great choice when it comes to selecting the best for your carpets. This retailer has an unending list of powders and solvents that can be ordered online. You may Click here to know more. Quick delivery and good customer service make this deal a win-win one for you. There are many ways to get the carpet cleansed, of which steam cleaning and shampooing are known to have positive and long-term outcomes. Steam cleaning is a process in which the carpet is cleaned by the steam generated by boiling water that then runs through the surface, whereas shampooing involves high-pressure washing with cleansers and water. Both these acts require a vacuum to take away the moisture. Are you planning to clean your carpet? Let us find the best way:

Steam cleaning 

 Needs a professional – Imagine boiling water in a steamer and taking it through your carpet? Is this even possible? Think of the time you are going to take for this. Professionals have equipped machinery to carry out this particular task. A long steam producer that is moved over the carpet can clean it on the whole. The time consumption is also minimised.

 Acts as a disinfectant – It is an effective way to clean your carpets from germs and viruses. The heat created kills the germs, bacteria, parasites, and allergens residing on the rug. All these pollutants are enough to make a person ill. With the help of high temperatures, it is easier to get rid of such threatening things, including pet urines.


Carpet Shampooing

 Done by self – The carpet shampoo creates a foam which is then scrubbed with the help of a scrubbing machine. You can do it too. However, there is a risk of moisture retention in this process, as more water is involved. If not handled properly, what do you think can be the result? Damp smell and moist carpets, attracting more insects and germs! It requires much practice to undertake this activity. However, you can always hire professionals.

 On spot cleaning– What do you do when there is a spill on the carpet? Wiping with a wet cloth is a sure solution. One way of cleaning it is shampooing the place of stain. This method’s biggest advantage is that it does not involve washing the whole thing. You can fix it with a small brush and cleaner, followed by drying it thoroughly. The ease of this method makes it the most preferred of all. 


The main aim is to get your carpet clean. Both ways are effective in their way. If you are looking into sanitising, steam cleaning can be a perfect choice. But, if you are planning to occasionally clean and remove dust and stains, then shampooing can give you desired results. No matter which approach you choose, do not forget to dry your carpet as it can otherwise be a severe cause of concern to your health later.