The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

The question has been popped, and the ring is on your finger, emotions are running high, so what’s next? With so many tasks being thrown at you, planning a wedding can be very overwhelming. But, if you’ve got a lot of time to plan out things and sort them carefully, your wedding checklist will easily be prepared without much of a hassle. Once you break down all the tasks at once, compiling them and focusing on them individually will be easier. In this feature, we will highlight some of the ultimate tips for wedding planning:

As a rule of thumb, we recommend you to start with budget planning. Clearly, it is the only elephant in the room and the leading constraint in every decision. Whether it comes to flower decoration, preparing the guest list, or booking the final venue, the budget will have a strong impact on everything before you say yes or no. So we recommend you to start with a budget so you know how far things have to be taken. Prepare a spreadsheet and allocate for each of the things that you want for the wedding.

  • Prepare a Wedding Organizer

Do you have a wedding planner? Go through your notes and sift through the stationary section. Take out a pen and a wedding organizer to write everything on. Unless you don’t have notes by your side, it will be hard to sort things out. Bear in mind wedding planning is very hectic, and people tend to forget everything that they have in mind. However, when written, it is easier to remember everything. We recommend you create a list of everything that you have to do. Ensure to start with chronological order and prioritize your tasks.

  • Prepare The Guest List

Due to the pandemic, you have to scrutinize the guest lists. After all, if only you could have everyone invited to the wedding. The chances are that you might have to book a private venue to avoid the local authorities checking in. and mentioning the SOPs will be imperative too. Consider your budget and see how much you can afford. Also, who is paying for your wedding? Do you wish to splurge, or do you have to work on a budget? Considering each of the factors in mind, prepare a guest list that features your friends and family members.

  • Choose a Venue

Once you’ve decided on the budget, the next step is to find a suitable venue. After you’ve answered the final question, selecting a nice place to get married will be essential. Choosing a venue is important because the prices vary according to weather and season. For example, if you wish to get married in the summer, booking the venue 3 to 4 months prior to saying the vows will save a lot of money. After all, everyone wants to save money and get married in a classy manner. Because marriage is about looking forward to new beginnings, you’ll incur a lot of expenses.

  • Decide The Theme

How do you wish for your emotions to flow? Don’t forget to settle for a theme that creates a vibe of its own. Today, millennials are opting for themed weddings because they look elegant. After all, a themed wedding is better than everything being random. Even if you’ve got to go a little over the top, there’s no harm in moving forward. We recommend you to think things through and believe in what your heart tells you to do. No wonder themed weddings have the power to cast their magic spell on the guests and jazz up the venue.

·        Select The Caterer

Bear in mind, your wedding day is the best and most important dinner of your life. So you have to be hands-on with regards to the caterer. Start with counting the number of people available on your guest list. And find the best caterers out there. Ensure to go through the client reviews and see if you come across negative comments. Go through the different catering agencies and see if you find a well-reputable one. Not to forget, if the food isn’t of the finest quality, the guests will get repulsed. Once you find the best caterer for your wedding, it will be easier to keep everyone satisfied.

·        Start Looking for The Wedding Dress

You might know exactly what you want to look for. So to get started, the best way is to sift through all the options on Instagram and Facebook. After all, social media is bombarded with a plethora of ideas out there. We recommend you to be hands-on with your choice otherwise, you might get repulsed from something that is purchased off guard. No wonder looking for the best wedding dress is very frustrating if you’re late for the wedding already. Thanks to many ideas on the web, it is much easier for everyone to find a dress that resonates with their personality.

·        Choose The Best Color Scheme For the Wedding

Embrace the right color scheme for your wedding to make the most out of your efforts. Pick up the Pinterest board and see through all the colors that are available. Now is the best time to get inspiration and work on a defined color palette. Especially, If you’re struggling for a certain inspiration, you can ask a friend or a relative of yours for help. After all, you will come across a plethora of people who have already gotten married and can give the best advice on preparing for your big day. We recommend you get in touch with all of your married friends and choose the best color scheme.

·        Hire Vendors

If you need help with a plethora of tasks out there, hire vendors who will help you out the best. After all, you need to embrace the power of working with professionals who will take care of all the chores on your behalf. Especially if you need some inspiration, hiring a wedding planner, photographer and caterers will be a good idea.