Why You Might Need Home Pest Control Services During the Winter

As the winter gets colder and we try staying cozy inside our homes, the cold temperature also causes pests to seek shelter and find a cozy place to stay during the winter. Some people believe that pests go into a hibernation mode, and hence, no pest control service is needed for the winter. The truth, however, is the other way around. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that the need for pest control increases dramatically during the cold season since different pests, such as mice, rodents, and roaches, try to find food and warmth.

Here are some effective ways to keep your house pest-free this winter.

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Get the Pipes Insulated

Take a close look at the exterior and interior space of your house. Don’t be shy to go into the basement and look for cracks and crevices that could provide a gateway for pests. The different types of pests can be tiny, and they can wriggle or fly their way into the tiniest gap and crack. Once the pests are inside, they will tell their friends, and before you know, your entire house gets invaded by the pest. We recommend getting all exposed pipes insulated to avoid such a messy and unpleasant situation.


Check Your Attic

Before you check the inside of your house, get a solid ladder and, with support from family or friends, climb up to the roof and assess it properly for cracks. If there is a broken window or a tiny space left open in the attic or roof, it can serve as the perfect hiding spot for different types of pests. If you find pests already dwelling inside your attic but cannot get rid of them yourself, you can always rely on the services of a team of pest control professionals.


Eliminate all Potential Pest Access Points

While you inspect the interior and exterior of your house, you will also have to keep your eyes open to detect any potential rodent access point. Similar to roaches and ants, mice and rodents can wreak havoc inside your house, which is why it is particularly important to keep a close check on them.

Understandably, rodents are very tricky, and they are in constant search of food, which is why it is essential to declutter your yard and keep the lids of the trash cans properly closed at all times. If you detect potential cracks near the doors or windows, you can use caulk to seal the cracks. Also, you might want to check the heating and ventilation system of the house. If you want, you can call in the services of a potential team of cleaners who can help you declutter your house, the attic, cellar, and backyard.

Clutter is the focal point of rodents, roaches, and mice attracted to mess and potential food sources, which is why it is important to keep the kitchen clean and stack away from the food properly before you call it a day.

If you leave food crumbs on the kitchen counter or fail to store away the food properly, such as inside storage boxes, you unintentionally attract different kinds of pests inside your hose. That said, keep leftovers stored inside tight containers and always clean the kitchen counters and place the dishes inside the dishwasher before turning off the kitchen lights.

Stagnant water and moisture is another access point for potential pests, which means it is important to keep the interior and exterior space dry and clean. Pests and bugs like to reside in warmer places. With the above-mentioned preventive measures, you can ensure that your house remains pest-free throughout the year.