7 Ways How Chiropractors Can Help After a Car Accident – Marietta, Georgia

The body part that suffers the worst of the impacts in a car accident is your spinal cord. When your spine is twisted or when it is pressured during a car accident, it is bound to develop a problem or several problems at once.

To eliminate these spinal problems, chiropractic treatment is crucial. Chiropractors don’t give you hardcode medication, pain injections, or surgery recommendations – all things that have side effects – they only use their hands and tools to align your spine properly back to its original position.

A usual doctor would give you a bunch of prescriptions and tell you to rest, but do you really want to rely on such things to recover from a complicated spine injury.

Backache, neck pain, stiffness and numbness in limbs, limited range of motion, headaches, and tingling in the back and limbs are very common symptoms for car accident victims, and medications – all of which have side effects to some extent – cannot solve all these problems.

On the other hand, chiropractic treatment has proved to be surprisingly effective in the treatment of complications with the spine, which is the root cause of all the pain in the body.

Below are some ways how chiropractic treatment can help you recover from a car accident.

1.   Your pain will be minimized

So far, the safest, most effective way to minimize the pain in your body after a car accident is through chiropractic spinal adjustments. A chiropractor manipulates your spine, which results in the release of pain-relieving hormones in your body.

According to research conducted by The University of Spain, the levels of oxytocin, cortisol, and neurotensin were increased in the bloodstream after chiropractic spinal manipulation, which shows that chiropractic methods work more effectively and without side effects than other methods.

If you have been recently involved in a car accident, it is recommended that you visit a car accident chiropractor in Marietta, Georgia right away.

2.   Inflammation will reduce

It is common for a physical injury to cause inflammation. While a considerable amount of inflammation is a hint of your body’s reactiveness, too much can become a serious problem, resulting in constant pain, discomfort, and immovability.

When your spine is manipulated by a chiropractor, the inflammation noticeably starts lacking, which can reduce pain consequently.

That being said, it is not necessary for back pain to be because of inflammation. Sometimes, a back is mechanical than an inflammatory. However, if there is too much pain after the first morning of the accident, it is likely to be because of inflammation.

In that case, visiting a chiropractor immediately would be a wise decision.

3.   Scar tissues will be reduced

A car accident injury is likely to result in scarred tissues. This results in soreness and stiffness in muscles, making it harder for you to move them around.

Chiropractic treatment works with such muscles and reduces the tissues that are scarred because of the accident. If the tissues are left to build on their own, it will take a very long time. but chiropractic care can target such scarred muscles and increase the speed of muscle build-up.

4.   Drug-free treatment

One way to get rid of the pain in your body is to get pain relief medicine, but side effects come with it. Another way is to get pain relief injections, but not everybody wants needles sticking in their body. Although pain relief is obtained by these methods, side effects can stick for a long time, which will trigger other complications.

However, if you opt for chiropractic care, you are opting out of drugs that have side effects, as well other uncomfortable methods like pain-relief injections or spine surgery.

Chiropractors use hands or tools for spinal decompression, which depressurizes the discs of your spine and relieves your nerves. Although this method is slow and traditional, it is better for your body than other negatively consequential methods.

5.   Targets your underlying injuries

It is highly unlikely for a car accident victim to walk away from a severe accident without any injury. And if you don’t think you have any injury, that is because it hasn’t been diagnosed yet. The pain you are experiencing in your back, neck, or shoulders isn’t just from shock or trauma, it is possible that you have the condition of whiplash or bulging disc.

While painkillers and strengthening medications can get rid of the pain and vanish the symptoms, they are not enough to completely eliminate the injury. Even if you start feeling better, it is possible that your injury has just been suppressed and are waiting for a chance to come back on the surface again, which will become chronic.

On the other hand, chiropractic treatment addresses the injury directly, which relieves the pain and symptoms by itself. Instead of short-term methods to relieve patients of their pain, a chiropractor takes a long route to provide long-term benefits and making sure that your body recovers 100%.

6.   Brings back your range of motion

Your range of motion gets affected very badly when you go through a car accident. As stated above, all the scarred tissues resulting in soreness and stiffness of the muscles make it harder for you to move your body around.

It might hurt when you move your neck in any direction, or your back can ache when you bend or reach. The same goes with shoulders and arms. Restricted range of motion is one issue that only a chiropractor can solve effectively. Where medicine can help with inflammation and pain, it cannot bring your body physically back to its original state.

On the other hand, a chiropractor uses different methods to bend your body in a way that muscles are relieved of the stiffness and start moving around without pain.

Moreover, sometimes chiropractors engage you in physical therapy or corrective exercises, which help defeat the restricted range of motion and bring back your body to normality

7.   Treats your existing problems

One of the best advantages of visiting a chiropractor is that the conditions, that you were unaware of before, can get diagnosed.

For physical conditions that were already diagnosed, you can expect them to get noticeably better after a dozen of chiropractic sessions.

These injuries can include chronic pain, chronic fatigue, loss of strength due to inactivity, and other conditions.