What Size Computer Desk Do I Need?

How big should a computer desk be? This is a question you ought to ask yourself if you want to select a suitable desk. But first, here is why you need a computer desk:

  • To improve your daily work productivity
  • For comfort when operating a computer
  • A computer desk can improve your health, especially if you choose an ergonomic one
  • To easily access all your office supplies

A computer desk is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in an office. Unlike an ordinary office desk, a cheap computer desk also involves a sliding keyboard, making it more practical.

However, you must ensure you get the right computer desk size to increase functionality. With that, here is how to know what the right size of a computer desk is.

Know the Measurements

This is something you want to know if you want to ensure you select the correct size of your computer desk. And understanding the measurements can help you estimate the correct size according to the space available.

There are three kinds of measurements which include width, depth and height. The width is the horizontal length which should be longer. In contrast, the depth is the length from top to back of the desk and shorter than the width.

The height is the distance between the floor and the surface of the table. It should be convenient for the person who will use it.

What is the Appropriate Width?

The typical width length of a computer desk should be 24 inches. However, note that this will depend on other equipment you want to have on the computer desk, such as a printer.

It would help if you also considered the space available to choose the correct width for your computer desk. Some of the most practical width lengths are between 23 to 70 inches.

What is the Appropriate Depth?

The depth of your computer desk can be anywhere between 20-30 inches. Note that the use of the desk will also determine the appropriate size. For instance, an aeroplane computer desk will be 18 inches, while that used by a secretary for typing should be 24 inches.

When selecting the appropriate depth of your computer desk, ensure that you will have extra space where you can push back your computer to one side as you reach out to something else on the desk.

So, if you decide to shop for a computer desk online, ensure you look at the pictures with additional items on the desk to select the right one.

What is the Appropriate Height?

This is perhaps the most vital aspect you have to know to select the correct size of a computer desk. It is obvious that people with different heights will require a desk with varying lengths of height.

For instance, if you are anywhere between 5- 6ft tall, you should use a desk 28-30inches tall. The average desk in an office is 28 inches high, making it convenient for everyone working in an office.

Things to Consider to Determine the Correct Size

Now that you are aware of the average measurements, here are tips on choosing the correct size.


The last thing you want is a computer desk that will occupy a lot of space in your office causing congestion. Know how much space is available and select the size that will fit correctly. While at it, factor in the chair and estimate the area it will occupy together with the desk.

It Should Suit Your Needs

The computer desk should also match your needs within an office. Are there additional things you want to add to the desk, such as personal files, stationery, and personal items? You want to ensure you choose a desk where such belongings can fit in without interfering with your work.


There are many computer desks out there and each with a different cost. So, before you settle for one, ensure you research and compare prices. You can easily find stores that sell the same desk at lower prices.

The Shape

It is also good to know your shape preference to select a computer desk you will genuinely like. Are you a person who prefers rectangular or square-shaped desks? Asking yourself this question can help you settle with a desk that matches your style.


Lastly, you want to know why you are using the computer desk, which can depend on your occupation. Do you work in a corporate office, or are you an artist? Both of these occupations will require a computer desk of different sizes.

Perhaps, most crucially, you want to ensure you select a computer desk that gives you freedom of movement. Together with the above considerations, you are guaranteed to choose the best.