Modern Rules of Air Conditioning Installation You should Follow

Air conditioning is very vital in your home to help in regulating the temperatures in your home. There are various AC systems in the market, which include;


  • Window air conditioner
  • Portable air conditioner
  • Central air conditioner


You need to choose the right air conditioning for your home and ensure that you practice proper installation. Installation is vital because it will affect the efficiency of the air conditioner in providing you with fresh and cool air during the summer. Also, in today’s world, technology is on the rise. There are numerous air conditioning systems being developed and are available in the market. You can choose from the wide variety and have yourself a well-functioning AC system. The old AC can be a piece of work and make you lose money through various repairs over and over again.


You are required to follow all rules revolving around air conditioning installation. Some of these installation rules include the following;


Observe the Required Height

Air conditioners are supposed to be set at a certain height above the floor of your home. Ensure you have the correct measurements to ensure that your AC does its job perfectly by distributing air throughout your home. The perfect height recommendation is 8 feet from the ground. Also, at this height, it will make it impossible for children and pets to tamper with the air conditioning system.


Also, as you place it above ground, ensure the supporting wall is strong enough to hold the AC. This will help prevent the falling of the AC unit, which can be very dangerous and can cause an accident in your home. It will also depend on the AC design that you have. Besides, as you position the AC, please take note of whether it will be easily accessible if you want to make any modifications to it.


The AC you use depends on the Size of Your House.

Secondly, choose an AC system that matches the size of your house. Some AC may be too small to properly aerate your home with cool air. Make sure to consult with an expert as you head to get the AC system. Also, if you purchase a system that is not quite equipped to serve the size of your abode, you will waste time, energy and even lose your money through an irrelevant purchase.


Also, the AC system needs to be well spaced in order to efficiently control the circulation of air. This rule is important because when there is limited space around and above the AC, airflow will be irregular, and therefore the AC will only consume more energy while serving you less. If you do not know the required spacing, you can always consult professionals at a small fee in order to get your money’s worth.


Outside Installation

This type of installation is quite demanding and may require the help of an expert. The rule is that drainage should be present and well-directed in order to control the functioning of the AC. This will help prevent the AC from overheating and failing.


Get a New AC model

This is a very important rule that you should follow to the latter. This is because the old AC systems may be releasing banned gases into the environment or into your home, which can cause adverse effects. Therefore, changing the system into a new one will help you be on the safe side of things.



Maintenance for your AC system is crucial. It is important to determine whether the functionality is okay lest it accumulates your energy bills due to improper functioning. Hire a professional to have it checked on a regular basis. The refrigerant is the most important part and needs regular checks.


You should choose a contractor well by doing some good research. Your AC system is an important part of your home that requires an expert to handle it. Also, a good expert will advise you on the important maintenance checks you can perform on your own to avoid unnecessary expenditures.


Some Basic Air conditioning rules you should practice to ensure efficiency once it is installed include.


  • Save on energy through optimizing running times. The AC can be turned off once everyone is away from the house. This will help you save on energy bills. Also, do not shut it down for long periods to avoid damages.


  • After you install it in a stable location, ensure it does not receive too much light. Too much light may reduce its efficiency.


  • Take care of the air filters in your AC system. The air filters should be clean to ensure that the AC distributes clean and fresh air in the rooms of your home.


  • Shut the doors and windows when using AC. This helps regulate how the AC works and prevents overworking the system.


  • Be vigilant with your AC system and keep regular checks. This will help in saving ac costs while receiving maximum benefits.


All in all, you should make the right choice of AC to get the best experience out of it. Also, make a good budget plan to help you make the right financial decision while getting the most out of your investments. All the above rules and regulations are important to help your AC system function properly while you observe both the law and preserve the environment.