How to draw a Mandala | 75 Simple Mandala Drawing Ideas and Designs

Mandala art has the primary basis of connecting human with inner spirituality. This is the reason why Mandala art is the Hallmark for numerous religions from all over the world namely Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and Christianity, etc.

This Mandala art symbolizes the detailed work on geometric shapes including the circles on higher ratio. It has a center and its radiating sides all over it. This art aids meditation and represents the interconnectivity of human life with all others.

The Simple Mandala Drawing ideas and Designs are also being used in psychological therapies. Mandala art has powerful vibrations that give the ability to explore the inner self. Like the mirror shows you outside, Mandala art has the strength of showing a mirror of your own mind. It connects your mind and soul with the body. It has immense power of showcasing the meaning of life.



How to Draw a Mandala | Simple Mandala Drawing ideas and Designs

‘Mandala’, a Sanskrit word stands for ‘circle’ which represent the wholeness of life. This self-expression art is painted or sketched in such circular frames. It is also used as the Meditation wheel which bridges the wisdom of nature with the energies of the mother earth. Get connected with this spirituous Mandala art.

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Types of the Fascinating Mandala Art

All the Simple and Beautiful Mandala Drawing ideas are considered to be a sacred process. It is a spiritual process that goes to the meditational concept. It may take a few days or couple of weeks for completion. The Mandala art is differentiated with various patterns you can draw and its uses. Here are the types of stress- relieving Mandala art.

  • Shiva God Mandalas
  • Ceiling Mandala
  • Sand Mandalas
  • Kalachakra Mandalas
  • Architectural Mandala
  • Mantra Mandalas
  • Outer Mandalas
  • Teaching Mandalas
  • Hindu Mandalas
  • Bodhi Mandala
  • Body Mandala
  • Yantra Mandala
  • Offering Mandala
  • Meditation mandalas
  • Buddha mandalas
  • Sri yantra mandalas
  • Inverted-figure Mandala
  • Letter Mandala
  • Lotus Mandala
  • Self Blessing Mandala
  • Square Mandala
  • Symbol Mandala
  • Textile Mandala
  • Thread-cross Mandala

How to Draw a Mandala


Here is the best way to explore yourself with Mandala art. The process explaining How to Draw a Mandala will give you the path to your inner soul. This deep meditation is going to boost the artist qualities in you if you are unaware of them. You are surely going to find out something astonishing qualities hidden for years.


Take a pen and paper to note all you need to start this religious Mandala art.

  • A piece of drawing paper
  • Pencil to draw primary lines and an eraser
  • Permanent marker for tracing
  • Ruler for perfect lines and measurements
  • A compass to draw circles of different sizes
  • If you want, Color pencils for colored Mandala art

This art needs complete attention and meditation thus, it is very essential to find a place where you can start the art peacefully. Make sure that there will be no disturbance while working on your art which may interrupt your creativity flow. It becomes a vital fact to pay attention to where to draw while discussing How to draw a Mandala.

First of all, you have to mark the center of your paper. Draw the margins and mark the center perfectly. You have to work in two portions so that you can maintain exact symmetry in the finished work. Now draw the circles with the marked centers. You can mark equidistant points while drawing these circles to make the art easier and perfect.

Now it’s time to fill the spaces with the patterns your mind hints. These patterns filled in black spaces will reflect your soul and mind. Once you are done with the pencil lines, you can trace the lines with a permanent marker. The end result will totally amaze you.

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