17 Easy Drawing Tutorials for Kids this Summer Vacation

The sun has begun to shine much brighter and we have left winter far, far behind. It wouldn’t be long for the sun to ooze more heat and make us long for the yummy fruit punch. Since summer is just around the corner, it is time for you to prepare yourself for all the antics of your kids. Because all those sugary treats that you would feed them will keep them hyped up pretty much all the time. Not to mention their excitement level would be on a different high level because – no school! So let’s try to curb their energy by engaging them in drawing with these Easy Drawing Tutorials for Kids this Summer Vacation.

Drawing is a very complex process. But why bother your little munchkin with that teeny-tiny detail. Kids love to doodle and play with colors. What they don’t like is if you make them draw something that they don’t know or like. So skip the complex drawings and include their favorite cartoons or animals and things that would really keep them busy drawing. And these step by step tutorials would make the drawing process a lot easier.


Easy Drawing Tutorials for Kids

Curly Hair Drawing Tutorial!


What a lovely rhyme it was! Kids love it and adults still recall it. So let’s take inspiration from it and learn how to make a guy or girl with curly hair. Start by making a simple face in any shape you want.

  • Draw a face with two circles for eyes.
  • Add a line between two curved brackets for the nose.
  • For the mouth, draw a curved line.
  • To draw curly hair, start drawing half joined circles from one ear head and work towards the other ear above the head.
  • Draw a similar pattern across the hairline and add a curled strand on the forehead.

Cute Ghost Drawing Tutorial


Don’t we all love to draw those cute little ghosts! Because they are super easy and super fun to draw.

  • Start by drawing a U upside down which would be top of ghost’s head.
  • Draw two little hands by simply drawing tilted U and or two straight lines and long fingers if you want to add details.
  • Next, draw curved lines from both the hands in the same direction and join them together with a wavy pattern to make up the tail.
  • Two giant circles would make the ghost’s eyes and a moon shape would give your ghost a mouth.  

Caterpillar Drawing Tutorial


Caterpillar might not look much cute in real but here it definitely looks adorable with its tiny legs and antennae.

  • Start by drawing a circle.
  • Next, add a curved smile and two dots for eyes. Also, add antennae by drawing two straight lines from a little above the eyes and draw tiny circles at the end of the line.
  • Now draw a half circle adjoining this circle and keep adding half circles until you are happy with the length of your caterpillar. Draw a tiny half circle on top of the last circle.
  • Next, draw two straight lines from each circle except the head for legs and add tiny dots to them at the end. Your caterpillar is ready.

Tiny Chick Drawing Tutorial


Let’s draw some tiny chicks and if you want, you can color them in different colors. There are no rules when it comes to kids’ drawings.

  • Draw a big circle and then draw another half circle just below it.
  • Make two tiny ovals in the first circle to give your chick eyes and also draw beak in the shape of an inverted triangle with curved edges.
  • Draw wings on either side of the chick by starting from the head and dragging them towards the body.
  • Next comes feet with two straight lines and a few more in the end.

Face Drawing Tutorials


Out of all the things, drawing human facial expressions can seem difficult. But we are not aiming to make perfect faces so don’t worry about that.

  • Draw a face shape by either drawing an oval, a circle or a rectangle.
  • If it’s a girl you are drawing then give her a lob or curly hair like we learned before. If it’s a boy then give him spikes. Wink!
  • For a happy expression, draw two perfect circles for eyes and a moon shape for a smiling mouth.
  • To draw a sad expression, keep the eyes perfect circles and just change the moon shape by drawing it upside down.
  • For an angry face, draw two straight lines and make half circles below it. And for the mouth, draw a straight line or draw it slightly tilted.

Experiment with more facial expression to make drawing more interesting.

Mini Belle Drawing Tutorial


If the kids are drawing then it is only fair we learn to draw a cute mini belle.

  • Start with drawing two curved lines and make tiny circles just below them. Give her some thick eyelashes if you want.
  • Draw a small tilted L below one eye and draw a curved line below that but make sure it is below the other eye.
  • Next, make a face shape around the eyes and give her some baby cheeks.
  • Add hair with a middle part and draw a bun on top.
  • Give her a tiny body covered in a flowy dress in the shape of an inverted umbrella.

Color the dress yellow and hair brown and your mini belle would be ready.

Little Puppy Drawing Tutorial


Puppies are adorable and you can draw them in various designs. One of the easiest ways to draw a puppy is shown below.

  • Draw a circle or oval for the head and make an inverted U on top.
  • Next, draw ears as per your choice that is either droopy or pointed.
  • For the face of the dog, make a snout in half circled shape and two dots with eyebrows for eyes.
  • To give your puppy a mouth, draw a straight line from the snout and a wavy line. Add a half-circle in the middle of the wavy line for a better effect.
  • Next, make a pear shape below the head and draw the legs with straight lines and wide ends.
  • Add the hind legs and a tiny tail.

Pretty Ladybug Drawing Tutorial


Ladybug is fun to draw because it is super easy to make and even more fun to color.

  • Start with a big oval or circle and draw a curved line near the top of the circle.
  • Draw a straight line from the middle of the curved line and end it with a V upside down.
  • Next start making dots, some bigger and some smaller. And add tiny legs and antennae.
  • For eyes create giant oval and tiny circles inside it for a dramatic effect.

Now all you need is to color it black and red.

Beautiful Sunflower Drawing Tutorial


The summer demands at least one sunflower!

  • Start by making a circle for the center of the flower.
  • Next, start making long petals from the top and then work your way around the circle.
  • Draw a long thin stem and give it a couple of leaves on either side.

You could add more mandala inspired details to the flower if you want. Draw any other flower in a similar fashion; you would only need to change the shape of the flower. For instance, you would need to make a U for you to draw a tulip or rose instead of a circle.

Baby Shark Drawing Tutorial


Admit it, the baby shark song started to play in your mind, didn’t it? So it is only fair to add the cartoon baby shark in this list of drawings.

  • Draw two curved lines in the shape of an eye.
  • Add an inverted V to the line below for the mouth and a fin in the center.
  • Draw the tail and the remaining fins to the body.  
  • Add a circle for the eye and draw sharp teeth in the shape of triangles.

You can make it as cute or as scary as you want. Just don’t aim for perfection.

Juicy Pineapple Drawing Tutorial


To fight this heat, let us make some sweet and juicy pineapples.

  • Start by making a giant oval.
  • Give your pineapple some nice stripes by drawing parallel curved lines.
  • Draw diagonal parallel lines to get the criss-cross effect.
  • Next,  draw leaves on the crown of the pineapple by drawing curved lines.
  • Give the spikes to the pineapple by making dots inside the boxes.

You can give it a cute character by making huge eyes in the center with a curved smile.

The Batman Drawing Tutorial


For the kids who love superheroes, a cute little batman is just the drawing to try.

  • Start with a square shape but make its edges rounded and draw ears in the shape of inverted V on the top.
  • Draw two rectangles for eyes and a small curved line for the mouth and add mask above it.
  • Create a tiny body below the head by drawing a big C joined with a J which would be a hand. Add another tiny J on the other side.
  • Draw two tiny legs below the body.
  • Make sure you add a belt in the center of the body and draw the batman sign above it.
  • Don’t forget to add the cape.

Drawing becomes even better when you start coloring. So make sure you stock up on lots of blank papers and drawing supplies. Make things easier with printable drawing tutorial sheets.

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