What Does It Mean When A Guy Says He Needs Time?

“I need time”, he shut the door behind him after saying that and left. You have been longing to pop up the question and take your relationship a step further. You waited for him to pop up the question but didn’t see a ray of hope so you took the initiative. However, to your disappointment, he said he needs more time.

As he leaves you there, alone, there are many questions flashing in your mind thinking why did he say that when everything was all right. This feeling hikes your anxiety and you can’t find a way to calm down. So exactly What Does It Mean When A Guy Says He Needs Time? Don’t go haywire, read this before anything.

When a guy says he needs more time, there could be many reasons behind it. However, there can always be to parts in which you can take it- the positive and negative. Here we have some reasons why your guy said that he needs time and what you should do about it.


He Wants To Figure Out Himself


It is essential for both of you to know who you are before you could tie the knot. It is not necessary that if you have figured out what you want from your life and have your goals set, so have your partner. Maybe he needs more time to figure out his life and is not in the state to take the relationship a step further.

What you should do Ask him about it

Communication is the key! And Guys suck at it. Maybe you will have to ask repeatedly but that’s what a relationship is, right? If one of you is crowded with thoughts of their own, the other should help them. Maybe you could clear things out for him and for you as well.

He Wants To Be Stable


Has your guy shifted his career goal? Is he not settled? Getting married and starting a new family is a whole lot of a deal. You have to take responsibility of each other and your babies. All of this requires money and if he feels he won’t be able to provide you all, it may be a reason for him asking you time. With this, do you know What Makes Divination Legit? | Methods, Experience & Science Behind It.

What you should do Give him the time he needs

You guy loves you a lot! He just wants to make sure that he is worthy of being a great husband and a great father. Just give him the time he needs and see him flourish! When his goal is achieved, he will pop the question himself!

He Wants To Know You Better


Maybe for you, it was love at first sight, but for him, it was not. If your guy says he needs more time to know you better, maybe both of you are not on the same page. To move further together, you both need to be on the same page and feel the same about each other. And here is Scorpio Male and Libra Female | Love Compatibility Factor and Relationship Advice!

What you should do Try to understand his situation

Don’t judge him for this. He just wants to know you and wants you to know him better before taking things forward. Try to understand his situation and ask him what he wants. Maybe he wants to spend more time knowing you and thus needs time more time to think. And here are High-Priority Tips to Consider While Dating Your Friend’s Ex!

He Has Some Unfinished Plans


The guy you are dating is divorced. Maybe he has some unfinished business that he needs to settle with his ex-wife. Or maybe he has some plans that he cannot accomplish if you get into a marriage. This is totally fine because you should want him to be mentally stable and focused on your relationship for it to work out. In addition, here are Things A Woman Notices About A Man | What Attracts Women To Men!

What you should do Don’t go on to consider the worst case scenario

Women have the habit of exaggerating things and situations and we go to the worst-case scenario in less than 0.05 seconds! However, this will only ruin your relationship. So don’t exaggerate and give him some time.


He Is Just Using You


Is your guy around you only for sex? Often, when a guy is around you only for sex, he will never discuss his plans with you. All he will do is pamper you endlessly with sweet talks of today that will eventually end up in bed. And here are Sagittarius Female and Pisces Male | Love Compatibility and Relationship Advice!

What you should do Don’t let this feeling drag you

The instant you said about taking the relationship a step further, he vanished! Did he call up to explain to you why he needs the time or was it just a thing to escape from that situation? If he is a fuck boy, you should not let this feeling drag you. Focus on getting in a better relationship and learn from what you have just gone through. And never let him come back to you and use you again!

He Has An Affair With Someone Else


When this is the case, they unknowing start dropping hints, you need to catch up on them.  If your guy is distancing himself saying he has some chores to do or keeps on canceling plans maybe he is planning to get in with someone else. Moreover, here is Sagittarius Man Virgo Woman Love Relationship and Compatibility in Life!

What you should do Be ready to move on

You definitely don’t need a cheating moron to be your husband! It’s time to move on. Focus more on what you want from life and what life has to offer you. In the process, you will get a rightful man who will be faithful to you!

His Parents Did Not Approve You


Family is one of the crucial parts of our life. If his parents do not approve of you, maybe it is the reason he has asked you for some time. Maybe he is planning to convince them or break up with you. And here are How To Influence People | Do’s And Don’ts Of Body Language!

What you should do Check in after some time

Give him the time he needs. Meanwhile, do what you love and keep your mind off him. After some time, ask him again and this time, ask him clearly if he wants to be in or out.

He Is Confused About You


A man who is not sure about himself cannot be sure of you either! Is he a man who takes responsibilities willing or is he a lazy man? If he is just confused about you or the relationship, he will ask you for time. With this, here is How to Deliver a Happy Baby | Secret to a Happy Baby.

What you should do Take some time for yourself as well

You are not in the teenage zone of going through the pass by relationship. You need a man to get going with the pace of life. Take some time for yourself and figure out what you want. Track his activities and if he is lazy mentally, physically and emotionally, why would you want to waste more time?

We hope we could help you know What Does It Mean When A Guy Says He Needs Time. Moreover, we hope you deal with it gracefully. Remember, you don’t need a man who is unsure of you or is using you. Know your worth and walk out of it gracefully. With this, find out What Kind of Boyfriend Would He Make? Find Out From His Zodiac Sign!