32 Handmade Valentines Day Crafts Ideas for Him

Valentines day is around the corner. And more than anything else, you are excited about the gifts you two are going to exchange. Receiving gifts is definitely a pleasurable experience, but is presenting gifts too? Well, when the person you intend to present your gift to is your sweetheart, the excitement level is definitely high. Although there are many gift options out in the market, there is nothing like handmade crafts. But in case, you have limited idea in this regard, the following Handmade Valentines Day Crafts Ideas for Him can be a great reference source for you.


Handmade Valentines Day Crafts Ideas for Him

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A Pretty Greeting Card

Hot air ballon valentine Card

Although there are numerous Handmade Valentines Day Crafts Ideas for Him, there is nothing that has the charm of a greeting card. Greeting cards are personal besides being extremely easy to craft. Hence, if you are a beginner-level craft enthusiast, then trying out a greeting card would be the best bet. You can pen down anything on the card to make your love feel special. You can also create a design on the front that you think will impress your man heavily.

A ‘Things I Love About You’ Jar

things I Love About You Valentine Gift Idea

Out of all the Handmade Valentines Day Crafts Ideas for Him we have here, this one is probably the least laborious. All you need to do to create this craft is to get a mason jar from the pantry and then fill it with bits of paper written on with things that you love most about your love. You can tie the neck of the jar with a pretty ribbon and then paste a sticker on the face of the jar that reads ‘things I love about you’. The craft is as simple as it can get!

A Beautiful Photo Collage Of Your Man

Photo Collage Idea for Couples

If you are head over heels in love with your man, and you feel there is no one as good looking as they are, then find a way to appreciate their looks. Yes, you can go up to them and directly tell them how amazing they look, but finding a roundabout way is always cool. For that, you can create a cute photo collage of your man, with photos they personally love. Make sure you put only their favourites, so as to make them love the collage immensely.

Heart Shaped Box Craft To Fill It With Chocolates

Heart Chocolate Box Valentine Gift

If you have great precision with cutting and pasting, then you can craft a heart shaped box. Creating a heart shaped box might not be the easiest thing to do, but with a good deal of control on your hands, you will definitely get a box with clean edges. A word of caution is that you should never try it if you don’t have an eye for detail. The beauty of this box lies in its tiny details. The finer the details, the better the look it imparts.

A DIY Bookmark

DIY Corner Bookmark

If your sweetheart is into reading books, then he might love to receive a nice book. But buying a book and presenting it to your man involves nothing creative. So, be creative and create a bookmark instead, which he will be able to use while reading. There are hundreds of amazing designs that you can try out. To be extra creative, you can also create your own design. No matter whether you copy a design or create your own, it’s important to make sure you execute it well.  

Five Senses Gift Crafts

5 Sense Gift Ideas

So, it is a combination of five gifts, basically. One gift against one of the five senses. So, you put something that your boyfriend might like to see in the ‘see’ box and something that your man loves eating in the ‘taste’ box. Likewise, you fill the other boxes. This is an interesting gift craft idea, for sure!

A Pop-Up Box Card

POP-UP Valentines Day Card

This is a unique way to create a card, which is in the shape of a box. When the recipient opens it, crafted flowers and other accents come out of it. This is a pretty cool way to make your man go wow.

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The above Handmade Valentines Day Crafts Ideas for Him are not just easy to create but are also extremely adorable. No matter how mature and straight forward your man is, they will melt like an ice cream upon receiving one of these gifts. It will be your own creation, after all!