Pregnancy Week 5 to 8 – Signs, Symptoms and Fetal Growth

Since now, you know that you are having good news to be delivered in roughly 7 months, you crave to know more about it! And we know this craving since motherhood is a special gift from the almighty! Your body changes as the little baby grows inside you, and you will notice some of them very clearly. You need not worry about this, just blame it on the hormones! You must have just got the news that you are pregnant and it is already the 5th month! This is because the implantation of the baby is an unknown phase and therefore doctors count the first date of your last period as the initial month of the pregnancy! Are you excited to know what is going to happen to you in this whole month? Well, here is Pregnancy Week 5 to 8 – Signs, Symptoms and Fetal Growth that you should check and know about! With this, here are 8 Effective Tips to Keep your Kid Away from Bad Company!


Pregnancy Week 5 to 8 – Signs, Symptoms and Fetal Growth

Pregnancy Week 5


5 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

This is the most obvious question that comes to a new mother! Why? Because the math of calculating the pregnancy period is difficult. However, if the doctors tell you that you are 5 weeks pregnant, this means that you are in your second month of pregnancy. Moreover, here are Best Potty Training Tips for Your Little Girl So That You Stay Sane!

Signs And Symptoms During Week 5

  • This is the 2nd month of your pregnancy; however, it feels like it’s the first! Get ready to feel the hectic feelings of anxiety, worriedness, and excitement coming to you on a roller coaster ride.
  • You will definitely experience backache and cramps. To sooth this, you can take a warm water bath. Remember, you need to use warm water not very hot, as it may be fatal for the fetus.
  • You might feel morning sickness and that is completely fine. If you are actually not feeling well apart from that, have your appointment with your doctor.
  • You may also have excessive saliva secretions and food cravings. Try not to eat a lot of junk food and cut down any bad habits like smoking and drinking if you have.
  • You will also experience frequent urination and that is normal during this period. However, do not cut down on your water because of this.

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Fetal Growth In 5th Week


It’s time to rejoice as you are now going to hear your baby’s heartbeat during ultrasounds. In the 5th week of your pregnancy, the yolk sac is now replaced with the umbilical cord. This, along with the placenta, is busy providing the baby with essential nutrients! During this stage, there is the rapid growth of cells in the womb however, this is not visible on your belly yet.

If we were to compare the size of the baby with some object that you can see to help you understand the growth rate, we will say it is about the size of the orange seed. It’s tiny, yet it is visible on the ultrasounds and yet the heart has started beating.

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Pregnancy Week 6


It is the second week of the second month of your pregnancy! You will go through a lot but it’s eventually going to give you what you want!

Signs And Symptoms During Week 6

  • You will still be trying to cope up with the frequent urination that you were there last week.
  • The morning sickness grows further to become nausea and this can continue for almost all day! Be ready to have some tough days.
  • In this week, you may also come in terms with constipation! This happens due to the increase in the progesterone that slows down your digestive tract.
  • Your breasts will have increased blood flow and you may experience breast tenderness. This happens because your body is starting to prepare itself for breastfeeding. And here are Powerful Ways to Respond When Your Child Complains!

Fetal Growth In 6th Week


This may excite you that your baby is now developing a spinal cord! By this time, he has a tail and may look like a tadpole. During this time, your little one is developing his face with cheeks, chin and the jawline. The eyes and nose are yet to form; however, there are tiny bumps at those places.

By this time, your baby is the size of a pea of a pomegranate seed. By now, the baby starts to get the major organs like kidneys, etc. Moreover here are How To Take Care Of The Security Of Your Child!

Pregnancy Week 7


The baby is growing is a rapid speed inside you even though it is not noticeable yet. It has, by now, developed the major organs and has been attached to the umbilical cord. With this, here are Best Investments for Your Child’s Future!

Signs And Symptoms During Week 7

  • You might still experience some symptoms from the previous weeks in addition to headaches.
  • There will be cramping in your Mild pelvic region along with some spotting since there is a lot of activity going on in your uterus.
  • You will also experience acne breakout in this week so take care of your skin and load yourself with veggies. Do you want to learn How to be a Perfect Mommy and Lady Boss Simultaneously?

Fetal Growth In 7th Week


In this week, your baby’s brain starts to develop and falls into the essential sections. Moreover, the little bumps in the baby’s face where the tiny nose and eyes were to form in the previous weeks now start to grow. The baby’s eyelids too form in this week, however, they remain closed. The tiny hands and legs start to sprout in this week. It starts taking a human body structure with the shoulders, knees, and all the joints formation.

For you to visualize your baby’s size this week, you can have a look at the blueberry because that’s how big it is now. And here are Short List of Fun and Playful Workout Routines for Kids!

Pregnancy Week 8


This is the last week of your second month and your baby is growing at a very fast speed. Congratulations, you have 32 weeks more to have you little dumpling yawning in your arms. With this, here are Baby Sleeping Methods for Your Little One!

Signs And Symptoms During Week 8

  • the symptoms of the previous weeks continue this week as well with the heightened urination and nausea
  • You may also feel like vomiting, However, these are just urges.
  • You sense of smell becomes like a dog! You become Too sensitive to smell and at times cannot tolerate some kinds of smells. Experiment with what smell soothes you and carry that fragrance so that you don’t feel like vomiting.

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Fetal Growth In 8th Week


Have you ever wondered how what color your baby’s eyes will be? Will they be ocean green or beguiling blue? Will he have your eyes or your husband’s eyes? Well, this is the week when your baby’s retina develops. Your baby also has started to develop those essential parts, which will define his or her identity later on. However, doctors cannot detect gender right now. As this week ends, your baby will have all the essential body organs developed! Moreover, here are How to Deliver a Happy Baby | Secret to a Happy Baby!

Giving birth to a new life is like a miracle in itself! You should be so proud that you have this ability to carry and nurture a life within you. We are here to help you know about your Pregnancy Week 5 to 8 – Signs, Symptoms and Fetal Growth. Moreover, we are happy to help you know all you need to know about the first trimester of your pregnancy starting from week 1 to week 12 right here!

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