Pregnancy Week 1 to 4 – Signs and Symptoms

You have been trying to have the trying to conceive sex form a long time now and can’t wait to see whether you are pregnant or not. It was the ovulation time that you had sex but the results show up in the pregnancy tester only after missing your period. However, the excitement of having a baby is not going to lower any time soon so you rush to the net checking for the signs!

The first month of pregnancy that is week 1 to week 4 is actually not predictable! You cannot see the lines showing positive on the pregnancy tester as well. This is because week one of your pregnancies is counted from the first date of your last periods. Okay! Is it confusing you? Don’t worry we have easier and simplified Pregnancy Week 1 to 4 – Signs and Symptoms that you can look for if you want to guess if you are pregnant or not!


Pregnancy Week 1 to 4 – Signs and Symptoms

Week 1 Of Pregnancy


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Now, as we said earlier, the week one of your pregnancy is counted from the first date of your last periods. This is because it is unsure to determine when your baby was conceived. Moreover, the interesting fact here is, you are actually not pregnant in the first week of your pregnancy. This is the time when your body is actually preparing to be pregnant. Often women so don’t know when they are ovulating and even if they do, it is unsure when they did conceive because as you are trying to conceive, you tend to have sex more often.

Week 1 Pregnant Signs And Symptoms

Here are the signs and symptoms that you should be looking for in the 1st week of pregnancy

  • Uterine cramps
  • Breast tenderness
  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Mood changes
  • Acne or pimples
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea or constipation

How big is your baby at 1 week pregnant?

Well, there is no sign of actual human structure in the first week! This is the time the egg and sperm have fused and it is as small as a single cell by this time!

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Week 2 Of Pregnancy


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This week is also like the 1st week where actually the baby is not yet conceived! However, your body is in full arrangements of getting pregnant and there are many changes happening inside you at this stage. The symptoms and signs of the 2nd week of the pregnancy are the same as the first one! however, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle now since you are going to conceive. With this, here are Smart Punishment Strategies to Keep your Kid Disciplined!

2 Weeks Pregnant Lifestyle

Track your period– Keep a track of your period and the time of ovulation. You get many apps to keep a note for you in this regard.

Start taking your vitamins seriously– you are going to be home for a new life for 9 months or so. This life is the best gift you can ever have. Therefore it is advised that you create the most healthy and blissful environment for it to grow. So prepare yourself by taking the proper medications.

Check your cervical mucus– we often notice the cervical mucus because it shows the signs of your inner whereabouts. The change in the cervical mucus tells a lot about the pregnancy.

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Week 3 Of Pregnancy


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If you are someone who has a regular period cycle, then the 1st sign of pregnancy will show now because you will miss your period. But to be sure, of the pregnancy, you must get a checkup done as the reasons for the delayed period can some others as well. You get pregnancy tester kits at the drugstore near you. All you have to do is collect the first urine of the day and check it on the kit whether you are pregnant or not. And here are Baby Sleeping Methods for Your Little One

Week 3 Pregnant Signs And Symptoms

Here are some common signs and symptoms that you can check to guess the 3rd week of your pregnancy!

  • nausea or vomiting
  • unusual tiredness
  • soreness in the breasts 
  • frequent urination

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Week 4 Of Pregnancy


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Congratulations! You have now successfully conceived your baby if the test on the pregnancy tester were positive! So now you know that you are not actually 1 week pregnant but 4! The baby in your womb is now the size of a poppy seed! It is tiny however, the poppy seed is visible. But, you cannot check your baby now by the ultrasound. That will happen only be the 8th week. With those, here is Infant Baby Feeding Chart Schedule and Guide!

4 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Bloating- You will feel puffy on the physical appearance and this is because of the pregnancy hormone progesterone.

Mild cramping– you may experience mild cramps at this stage, however, this means that the baby is safely planted on the walls of the womb.

Spotting-  there is a chance of spotting at this stage. However, there is no need to worry about this since it is completely normal.

Mood swings- well, ladies we have been having a fair share of mood swing almost all our life! So this is normal as well. This means that your hormones are fluctuating at a very high rate.

Morning sickness– about 90 percent of women feel morning sickness in the course of their pregnancy so if you have had your experience, don’t worry about it.

It is advisable that you get a checkup from your doctor once you find out that you are pregnant. They will decide the tests that are to be performed on you and get your medications so that you and the baby are safe. And here is How to Deliver a Happy Baby | Secret to a Happy Baby! So that was that! Here we come to an end of the Pregnancy Week 1 to 4 – Signs and Symptoms! We hope you found it useful and the hopes of actually being positive about your baby have risen in your heart! There is no joy as the joy of holding your baby in for the first time. Therefore, here is All About First Trimester of Pregnancy – Week 1 to Week 12!