The Guide to Understanding Hormones in Pregnancy and their Roles

Blame it on the hormone! That’s what most of the women do when they are going through a certain phase in their life. All the mood swing and how we react to the situation depends upon the hormonal secretions. However, when you are pregnant, its case is different!

The intensity of the hormones are to a high level and you tend to feel overwhelmed very soon. It almost seems like a roller coaster ride where the ups and downs on the emotions are very sudden and high. But do you know all about them? Well here is The Guide to Understanding Hormones in Pregnancy and their Roles so that you can have more knowledge about it! With this, here is All About First Trimester of Pregnancy – Week 1 to Week 12

The Guide to Understanding Hormones in Pregnancy and their Roles

The Guide to Understanding Hormones in Pregnancy and their Roles

Your hormones in the first trimester

The Guide to Understanding Hormones in Pregnancy and their Roles

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The first trimester is often the slower and lazier one. Your body that is the home of a new life is going through tremendous changes to make it all good for the embryo. At this stage, there is a noticeable change in your immune system and your blood flow. They are working to protect the embryo from external harmful factors.

The progesterone and estrogen, which are a normal part of your cycle have a hike suddenly. Here the new hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin that is the HCG starts to produce. The progesterone, a hormone that is necessary for you to get pregnant may cause you constipation. This hormone is responsible to prepare your womb for the baby. It thickens the lining of the uterus so that the egg is implanted easily. Moreover, it also relaxes muscles and does not let your uterus contract until its time for labor.

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The progesterone is also the hormone that is responsible for your mood swings during the pregnancy. Here, the estrogen enters to regulate progesterone while maintaining the endometrial lining that is essential for the baby’s development. The estrogen promotes high blood flow, which is good for the baby but makes your breasts tender.

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Your pituitary gland is responsible to produce the TSH – thyroid secreting hormone that secrets thyroid hormones. It hikes when the production of the hgc and other two hormones are increased. Do you ever see your children fight and in your mind as for help! Well here is Tips to Enhance and Strengthen Sibling Bond that you can promote in your children

Your hormones in the second trimester

The Guide to Understanding Hormones in Pregnancy and their Roles

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Regarded as the best trimester of your pregnancy, because you start to feel normal again. All the morning sickness and nausea are gone and you feel better. The estrogen and progesterone still secrete and continue to increase to help grow the baby. You may experience slight back pain and muscle soreness during this period but it is bearable. The estrogen and progesterone increase skin’s melanocyte cells to produce melanin, which gives your skin color.

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The stress hormone – Cortisol also increases at this time however it is important for the growth of the baby.

Human placental lactogen (HPL) that is secreted from the placenta is responsible for insulin resistance that hikes during this trimester.

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Your hormones in the third trimester

The Guide to Understanding Hormones in Pregnancy and their Roles

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Your hormones are at the peak in the third trimester of your pregnancy as your baby is growing up soon. You get a significant increase in your weight. The estrogen and progesterone are at the peak of secretion and secrete about 6 times more than that in your first trimester. You may experience heartburn and acidity problems in this trimester.

Prolactin which is a hormone that stimulates the development of your breast tissue to prepare for lactation hikes up in the third trimester scoring about 10 times more than that at the initial stage.

After the pregnancy- the postpartum hormones

After giving birth, the endorphins that are the feel-good hormones help you cope up with the stress your body has got into. The relax your body and make you feel good. Most women feel like a superhuman after they give birth to their baby. This hormone makes you feel light and happy.

Once the placenta is removed, all the hormones that we talked about earlier like the estrogen, progesterone HPL, and HCG go with it. Sleep deprivation is the effect of this loss. You may at times feel the post-pregnancy blues.

Breastfeeding helps you get out of this as when your baby sucks your breasts, the oxytocin hormone is triggered and you feel good. The baby sucking your nipples is important and if you do not breastfeed, your baby will be malnourished and you will develop clots in your breast. Therefore best feeding is an important part that should not be neglected just for your physical dimensions sake. In addition, here are Baby Sleeping Methods for Your Little One that will keep you sane.

Now let’s get deeper into the hormones

Following are the main hormones that secret during the pregnancy

Fsh – This is the Follicle stimulating hormone, which is necessary so that you can conceive. This shoots up before you conceive and is present there throughout but not during pregnancy.

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Luteinizing Hormone – it works with the fsh to function your menstrual cycle. The fsh and  Luteinizing hormone go on a holiday when you are pregnant. The LU is responsible to start the production of estrogen. Then the estrogen sets off a blast of luteinizing hormone (LH) that bursts the follicle and releases an egg.

Relaxin – You can maybe guess by its name what it does. This hormone is responsible to relax your muscles joints and ligaments during your labor. It prepares you to bear the pain of delivery and come out the strong form it.

Oxytocin This hormone is there during the complete duration of your pregnancy. It is the hormone that is responsible to create labor contractions

Prolactin This hormone is responsible for your breast to grow in size and produce milk.

So this was The Guide to Understanding Hormones in Pregnancy and their Roles! We hope we could enlighten you about it and could tell you everything you need to know. A balanced diet and good exercise are what you should follow in at this time. There are activities that you can do while you’re pregnant so try them out. With this, here are Congratulations Wishes for New Born Baby | New Born Baby Messages!