5 Awesome Ways To Personalize Your Gallery Wall


Art has always been a way of life for humans. From the cavemen of the very distant past to today, our species loves to express itself through beauty and creativity. As a universally loved idea, art has found its way into all of our hearts and homes in various degrees. 


Though we can all agree that the expression of beauty through art is a wonderful concept, the things we each view as art are vastly different. We even choose to enjoy fine art as a different medium from person to person, some liking to have home galleries of framed designs, paintings, and posters, while others find art to be in the movement of another human or the sound of an instrument.


No matter the type of art you enjoy, there are many options for finding the type that brings you the most joy. With so many choices, it can be difficult to know how to express your personal style. If you are the type of person who loves to have visual art in their home, you’re in luck as we have 5 awesome tips for conveying yourself in your personal gallery.


1. 3D Art

One of the great things about art is that it doesn’t have to fit any one description to be recognizably art. This allows you to play with the space of your gallery in any way you’d like without compromising the allure. When you are working with a limited gallery space, it is important to use every inch of it for maximum effect.


A great way to utilize your gallery space and make a larger impact is by moving into the realm of 3D. By using physical pieces like books or pottery in your design, you can create an area that appears to be in motion. Attach items to the wall without shelving to really showcase the depth of them.


2. New Ways to Hang Art

Frequently we see art hanging from walls in similar ways. A few photos, framed, organized in some sort of geometric pattern. It doesn’t need to be this way, though. By changing up the way you showcase the hanging aspect, you can give new life to the entire area.


Try using unconventional items as backdrops for your art pieces. Items that lend themselves well to hanging and cycling pictures, like clipboards and pin cushion boards, allow for the movement of your art while adding additional charm. These types of trappings can be personalized in their own right, from spray paint to colorful fabric.


Another fun wall accent to use in addition to your art is shadow boxes or box-like shelves with colorfully painted interiors. These can be purchased or made at home for a DIY touch and will hold a variety of different art pieces. They also add to the 3D space of the gallery.


Finally, arranging multiple pieces of art from a single hanging while utilizing strings makes a beautiful windchime effect with your paintings, posters, or photos. By cutting the strings at different lengths, the images will dance around each other at different levels of the wall.


3. Think Big (or Small)

As varied as wall pieces can be, people often find themselves getting stuck in a loop of standard size piece after standard size piece. Though this can make a very even and controlled feel to your gallery wall, it is important to remember that very large and very small pieces can add new depth to your decorations, make an art installation out of the presentation of your art. 


Test out various large sizes with a blanket folded to scale so you know what the measurement will really amount to. For the smaller side of the spectrum, you can cut out the size from a standard piece of paper. By using these two methods together, you can move and arrange pieces without having committed to the purchase of either.

4. Unconventional Frames

Not all photos belong in a standardized frame. Though matching frames or simple frames are good for some areas, by thinking outside of the box, you can really spice up your space. Try thinking of the feeling the art gives you and go from there.


For pieces that give a rustic or home feeling, using painted pallets as a backdrop, the edges showing around the art as a frame, is an ideal choice. Additionally, woven stick frames work well with these types of pieces. Either for these frames can be made at home too, if the creative bug bites.


Making your frames have interesting shapes is also a fun way to mix it up. You can place several smaller pieces of art in a large, gaudy frame or make sunburst patterns with bamboo or other straight materials. Even using your art as a frame to shape around furniture or shelving can be a unique expression of your creativity.

5. Creative Materials

Though we often think of wall art as paper or canvas with ink or paint of some kind on it, there are so many more materials that can be used. Mosaic like art can be made with recycled materials or just hanging physical objects, like mirrors. Clothing and tools can also be hung to create an interesting art installation. 


Using less common materials doesn’t mean you have to forsake the more traditional canvas and paper style art, however. By attaching yarn, feathers, or even fabric to the base canvas, you can create beautiful pieces for a gallery. These things can be made at home, or you can find them for purchase as many artists work on differentiating their pieces.



Art is what you make of it, or even what you make it into. Don’t hesitate to shuffle things away from the traditional and put your own flair on pieces you’ve made or purchased. Try some out of the box materials for framing, creating hangings, and even as backdrops for the art you already own.


By stepping away from the norm and building something that speaks to you, you’ll be able to show off your personal style in your gallery wall. There is no right or wrong in art, as long as it is being enjoyed. Hang it, drape it, surround it, or suspend it the way that brings you joy!