What to do when Tempered Glass Shatters?

You might have learnt from your peers or read on the internet that it’s definitely tough and safe when your shower door, window, freezer door, backsplash, or even smartphone’s screen protector is made from tempered glass.

Designed through a process of intense heating and rapid and extreme cooling down, this particular variety of glass is unquestionably stronger than the standard options widely available out there. However, could you uprightly say with conviction that comes what may, your fused glass would never shatter? The answer is plain NO.

Nevertheless, unlike ordinary glass, it only shatters into tiny pebble-like pieces as it splits, sans dangerous sharp edges. That is its protective point.

One thing that you can most certainly do at your end is buying your glass only from a reputable seller so that you get access to the damages through warranty. Here are a few things that you need to be aware of while making the purchase.

Main Reasons Why Tempered Glass Shatters

Tempered glass is far long lasting than the standard version, but it’s still not indestructible. There are many explanations why fused glass shatters and it doesn’t automatically mean it’s of sub-standard quality if it does. Click here to learn how to tell if glass is tempered or not.

Nevertheless, tempered glass content of high quality does happen to be more resilient than the one constructed from low-quality material. That being said, here are the top five causes that may lead to tempered glass shattering:

  • Edge damage

Sudden glass breakage may occur when its edge has already suffered an impact. It may happen when being cut into smaller parts, during transit, or building process on-site. As the years go by, different environmental conditions and elements may cause the glass to swell or shrink— such abrupt changes may cause tension leading to breakage.

Although it can happen all of a sudden, the underlying cause has mostly been linked to the slight distortion already present on the glass edges.

  • Frame Binding

Frame-related abrasion is also a standard and typically another popular facet of spontaneous breakage. A tempered glass also expands and contracts, and if there is no room within the frame, then the tension is going to cause the glass to crack-up or break down.

  • Internal Stress

Glass processing and treatment may lead to the production of Nickel sulphide. As time rolls by, these stones happen to swell/contract and change shapes. It may create some internal tension, which may surpass the power of the tempered glass. It is just a matter of the right moment and the glass will disintegrate into pieces.

  • Defective article

Impaired tempered glass has already got some defects in it. Such pre-formed fractures and cracks can also weaken the fused glass’s intensity resulting in disintegration.

  • Severe impact

Though the tempered glasses are known for their unparalleled resilience, a massive impact can still get them. For better understanding, take the case of a smartphone tempered screen protector, it can withstand the small fall; but releasing it from a higher elevation and that too with force is sure to damage it severely and the device screen underneath.

Immediately call your tempered glass manufacturer and ask warranty or replacement.

If the fused glass installed in your windows, doors, backsplash, cabinet door, or mirror has already taken the impact and developed cracks or disintegrated in pieces, then what next?

Well, the first and foremost action should be to promptly get in touch with your retailer from whom you purchased your tempered glass and explain to them the situation, mentioning the sequence of events that took place before the breakage happened. Visit here to buy real tempered glass near your area.

The objective is to ask for the warranty cover so that the damages can be reversed, or ask for a replacement. Fulfilment of both these conditions depends on the availability of a warranty on the product as well as the seller from whom you procured it.

In short, it is imperative that you buy your fused glass only from a reputable firm and must ensure that it is duly covered under a warranty so that if a breakage issue surfaces, getting either a replacement or a refund is not an uphill task.

Whether all manufacturers provide a warranty for tempered glass? 


Always bear in mind that not all manufacturers offer glass warranty; Calling a glass consultant is still a good option to start with as a professional can share the available options and get you access to the best support available.


Some sellers offer lifetime and while others may offer limited period warranties against all sorts of damages or wear and tear on their tempered glass products. However, there can be specific terms and conditions applicable that you must read and understand before buying a product.


Also, these warranties on the glass are usually offered nation-wide and may not work across the borders. For instance, if you have purchased your fused glass from a U.S. based seller, the warranty might only be valid in America. However, exceptions can be there. So, if you are procuring a glass from a non-native country, this is one warranty clause that you might want to keep an eye on.

Also, a tempered glass warranty usually does not cover any incidental or related losses that might have resulted from the use of the glass. For example, if you suffered property damage, appliance malfunction, personal injury, etc., as a consequence of glass breakage, the warranty might not cover either of these.

Lastly, most of the warranty related replacements are subject to a processing and handling expense, usually compensated from the consumer’s end— ensure to go through the terms and condition section or have a word with your glass consultant to have better clarity on this.