How Much Does it Cost to Get Pubic Laser Hair Removal?

It’s every woman’s deepest fantasy to have that flawlessly smooth appearance every single day. You wish you can skip shaving or wax for ages without worrying about your hair pubes. Thankfully, technology has innovative solutions that offer long-lasting results, longer than you can think of, and that should be a relief. 

The more you shave or wax, the visible the new hair grows, and it only gets frustrating doing the same routine for ages. Then laser hair removal is the best answer to stubble hair. While everything looks perfect at home, being outside, under the sun, with your favorite swimwear is different. 

The sunlight when you’re on the beach reveals every spot you forgot or missed. With this dilemma, more women are going into the best solution—laser hair removal in the pubes region. While it’s getting popular, it’s vital to find a specialist who does the job right with good deals. 

Medical spas offer this type of treatment, and it’s not only women who get to be under treatment, but even men are also on for it. Finding the most reliable and trusted laser hair removal services in Brampton should help you achieve your deepest desire to have that smooth and flawless skin. The treatment offers a more ‘permanent’ approach to reducing or eliminating hair regrowth on all, especially into the pubic region compared to waxing or shaving. 


Laser Hair Removal On Pubes: Cost Per Treatment

Hair removal on the pubic areas is getting popular for most women who want to have long-lasting results that shaving or waxing cannot offer. There are two types of treatments women can choose from when they want to have their pubic region smooth and flawless: Bikini line or Brazilian. 

These two treatments are stirring confusion for most women. While the procedures are similar, not everyone wants to talk about it openly. Whether it’s embarrassing or not, it’s essential to know what sets these two apart and how much their average cost per session.

The traditional bikini line treatment is about $150 to about $450 per treatment session in the US. It is where the area outside of your panty line is what you consider your bikini line. The treatment generally covers up to 3″ beyond the panty line. It ensures a flawlessly smooth look in a bikini or panty. It also addresses certain areas your underwear covers, including the top of your pubic region and labia sides. However, the procedure still varies per client preference.

The Brazilian treatment can cost you about $500 to about $700 for every session. If you reconsider eliminating the hair in your butt using laser technology, that can also cost you about $400 to $600 for every session. The treatment includes more areas than bikini line treatment, consisting of the perianal and labia areas. The process leaves you completely bare. However, you can decide whether to keep your hair in the pubic region or not.

The cost for each treatment still varies for every med spa facility, region, and treatment coverage. Factors including the size of the target area you want to be treated, and the number of sessions needed to help you achieve your preference and target goal affect the overall cost. Next is the clinic location and type of laser technology to use in the treatment.


Can You Get Your Pubic Hair Laser Removal?

You can get laser hair removal on every area of your body where there is unwanted hair, especially in the pubic region. The treatment offers an almost ‘permanent‘ treatment compared to shaving or waxing. It has long-lasting results with the completed treatment, and the session is less than an hour to complete.


What To Expect With This Treatment

It will take about two to six sessions to get permanent results. Your doctor will require you to wear goggles to protect your eyes while treatment is in progress. 

  • You may feel moderate discomfort during treatment.
  • In case there is pain, you can ask your physician to provide a topical anesthetic to control pain or discomfort during the session.
  • Laser light on clinics is more painful compared to at-home laser devices.
  • Some patients experience side effects such as redness of skin or swelling.
  • You have to stay out of the sun for about six weeks after treatment.



While pubic hair treatment is pricey, it has long-lasting results compared to waxing or shaving. The therapy enables you to have that smooth, clear, and flawless skin you want to flaunt and be proud of. You can visit a medspa near you or check for the best services available according to your budget.